Enio Ferri, founder of Neuralspect, has over 20 years of experience evaluating homes and structures. During that time, the real estate and home inspection businesses as well as the development of inspection tools, building materials, and standards have changed significantly. One aspect of the inspection process, however, has stayed the same: writing the report is still one of the most challenging and time-consuming steps.

Throughout his years at the helm of Key Home Inspections, Enio has maintained a keen interest in developing technologies to enhance the inspection process and ensure the highest quality outcomes. As voice-to-text tools and AI helpers spread throughout various industries, Enio began to consider how these tools could help with real estate inspections.

This led to the creation of Neuralspect, an AI-based CRM and home inspection tool. With this revolutionary tool, you won’t need to painstakingly type notes on your device, fiddle with your phone while the homeowner is asking questions, or struggle with document formatting. Neuralspect is the virtual inspection assistant Enio wishes he’d had 20 years ago.

Neuralspect is a complete AI-based home inspection software and CRM to help you become efficient, accurate and productive.

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Neuralspect’s mission is to improve the home inspection process through AI-based innovations.


Revolutionize the way inspectors and their clients communicate, manage their business, and track all data in real time.


Bring a  new standard in home inspection software: AI-powered. Automated. Connected.